MS-CCSVI Phase I/II Treatment Trial

The UBC Hospital MS Clinic is leading a new national CCSVI treatment trial called Phase I/II Interventional Clinical Trial of Balloon Venoplasty for CCSVI (Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency) in Multiple Sclerosis patients.

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The trial is funded by CIHR, with support from the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec as well as the MS Society of Canada.

To date, patients can be recruited through two trial sites, the UBC Hospital MS Clinic in Vancouver, BC and the MS Clinic, Campus Notre-Dame du Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) in Montreal, Quebec.

The research team hopes to establish additional sites in Winnipeg and Quebec City.

About the trial:

  • This study is multidisciplinary involving neurologists, vascular radiologists, MRI specialists, cardiologists and ethicists at both trial locations.
  • Stringent safety protocols are in place, including an independent data safety monitory board, which would look at the ethics of continuing the study if it were not in the best interests of patients.
  • The goals of the trial are to determine the safety and efficacy of treating CCSVI as an MS strategy. It will also consider quality of life impacts.
  • The research team will enroll 100 subjects. Patients will be randomized to receive venoplasty (interventional radiology treatment using a balloon, not stent) treatment or a sham treatment and cross over to the other treatment at year one, so all patients will receive the venoplasty at some point.
  • The hope is that this trial will provide evidence that can help concretely move forward the discussion on CCSVI in terms of how it relates to MS in terms of cause and effect, as well as potential treatment.

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To learn about the BC CCSVI Registry for patients who have received CCSVI treatment abroad, click here.

To learn about the MS CCSVI Diagnostic Study, which is now closed, but with data expected very late this year or in 2013, click here.

The UBC Hospital MS Clinic is a world leader for innovative research using MRI to study and evaluate Multiple Sclerosis treatments as well as genetic epidemiology. It is led by a world renowned MS clinical research team comprised of specialists in pharmaceutical and interventional therapies, imaging, and genetics from Vancouver Coastal Health and UBC. The clinic, which cares for 80 -- 90 percent of MS patients in British Columbia is home to the world's largest MS database of over 7500 patients, many of whom have been followed for over 25 years. The UBC Hospital MS Clinic is a member of the Canadian Network of MS Clinics, a national network of academic and community based clinics established for the advancement of patient services, education, and research in Multiple Sclerosis.