Building Access & Maintenance

Applying for and troubleshooting key and card access

VCH Research Institute operates secure facilities using key and/or card access to enter our buildings. All faculty, staff, and students are required to obtain a photo ID card that aids in identification but also acts as a key for doors with card readers. You need to obtain your photo ID before any keys can be ordered.

To start the process please download Photo ID Form and Photo ID Self-pic Cheat Sheet.  Complete our form in full and submit via email to VCHRI along with your acceptable photo to

We will arrange for you to get your photo ID issued at the VCH photo ID office and then have you return so we can programme your card and order your keys. Once you have your photo ID we can also add additional access levels and/or keys as needed usually based on an e-mail request from an authorized individual in your department.

For questions regarding photo ID card/key access or troubleshooting problems please contact us by e-mail at

Building problems

When you encounter building issues that require attention (e.g. burned out lightbulbs, heating issues, card readers not working, etc.), please contact Norma Cooper ( and she will process a maintenance request through VCH Facilities Maintenance.


Each of our buildings has recycling bins, including in the hallways and copying areas. Bins are marked for mixed paper, confidential shredding, plastics, and beverage recycling. Battery recycling is located at the mailrooms and cardboard recycling in the tunnel areas. Recycling is picked up at the designated locations via the housekeeping staff. Items that should not be going into the recycling bins include coffee cups (due to plastic/wax lining), tubing (IV or O₂), IV bags, syringes, masks, gloves, and anything that has come into contact with blood/specimens.

Here is some more information clarifying what can and cannot be recycled:

Loading dock access for Research buildings

  • Blusson Spinal Cord Centre (818 West 10th Avenue) Loading is at the back of the building, however, it does not have a dock lift so heavy/large deliveries will require the delivery truck to have a lift. Access requests for the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre can be made via Matthew Sahl ( 
  • Jack Bell Research Centre and Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre (2635 Laurel Street) - There is a calendar system that enables building users to block off delivery times for this heavily used loading facility. Contact Karen Donaldson ( for access to the calendar.
  • Deliveries requiring the use of a dock lift must contact the facility in advance. Drivers are encouraged to coordinate a delivery time with their shipper/receiver prior to arriving at the facility and may only access this facility when delivering to one of these buildings. Drivers found parked in the loading dock who leave the facility risk having their vehicle towed and access will be prohibited in the future.
  • Note vehicles may NOT back in from the street (they must drive in front first) and cannot idle in the driveway. Clearance is 13 feet 1 inch high x 9 feet wide x 34 feet long. Oversize vehicles will damage the door operator, door panels, etc., and delivery companies will be charged for all damage caused.
  • VGH Research Pavilion (828 West 10th Avenue) - This loading dock is now closed until further notice due to adjacent building demolition/construction.  All deliveries to this building must be taken through the front door of the building, however, there is no dock lift available at this time.  Please contact your party in advance so they can meet you in the lobby and provide access for the delivery.  Trusted drivers may be able to receive a FOB to provide access to the buildings.  For further questions, please contact Karen Donaldson (