2009 in it for life Investigator Awards

Dr. Robert McMaster, Interim VP Research, VCH, and Executive Director, VCHRI, is pleased to announce the winners of VCHRI's 2009 in it for life Investigator Awards, funded by VCHRI and VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.

There are two categories of awards: Mentored Clinician Scientist (MCS) and Established Clinician Scientist (ECS). These awards are aimed at clinician-investigators (beginning and mid-career respectively) located at VGH, UBC Hospital and GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, who want to reduce their clinical practice commitments in order to continue developing their research careers as independent investigators.

2009 Mentored Clinician Scientist
Director, The Prostate Centre at VGH, VCHRI; UBC Dept. of Urologic Sciences
Targeting the NOTCH signaling pathway in urothelial carcinoma of the bladder
2009 Established Clinician Scientist
Sleep Disorders Program, UBCH; Centre for Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, VCHRI; UBC Dept. of Medicine, Division of Respiratory Medicine
The Role of Telemedicine in the Initiation of Nasal CPAP