2011 Investigator Awards

One of the hallmarks of VCH Research Institute (VCHRI) is its focus on translational health research - improving patient care by bringing multidisciplinary teams together to move research discoveries from the laboratory bench to the patients' bedside. One way that VCHRI fosters translational research is through its Mentored Clinician Scientist (MCS) Awards which support clinician scientists at the beginning of their research careers.

Each year, VCHRI grants MCS Awards to individuals who are up-and-coming in clinical practice, as well as research at VGH, UBC Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre or Lions Gate Hospital (2010). MCS Awards are funded through VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation's Adopt a Young Scientist Program, with Lions Gate Hospital Foundation also contributing in 2010, and provide award recipients with $50,000 a year for two years. The award is renewable for a third year based on productivity and funding availability. Award holders also receive $20,000 in start-up funds from their UBC academic department to assist with costs typically associated with starting a research program, such as equipment and other resources.

2011 Mentored Clinician Scientist Recipients:

2011 Mentored Clinician Scientist
Attending Physician, VGH Emergency Department Director, Emergency Medicine Research Program, VCHRI Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Emergency Medicine
Emergency Department Tobacco Cessation Counselling: Implementation and Evaluation of a Community-Based Program
2011 Mentored Clinician Scientist
Dr. Grant Iverson Director, BCMHAS Neuropsychology Outcome Assessment Lab Professor, UBC Department of Psychiatry
A randomized controlled trial of self-management for persistent post-concussion syndrome