The mandate of the Council is to lead VCH Research Institute to achieve its goals through inclusive, transparent, accountable and collaborative activities.

Guiding Principles:

  • The activities of the Council and its Working Groups are driven “bottom up” i.e. through the identified needs of VCH Research Institute community of researchers and their associated Centres, Programs and/or research interests.
  • The Council strives to be interactive and responsive to the changes in health care delivery systems, changing technologies and new and evolving science for basic science, clinical, community and translational research activities. 
  • The Council collaborates with research entities outside of VCH Research Institute, such as other Research Institutes, Health Authorities, granting agencies and provincial, national and international research initiatives.

The Council’s priorities are to achieve the following.

  • Create a translational research culture throughout VCH
  • Set research priorities to create a balance between major players, evolving groups and research interests, encourage research clusters
  • Enable optimal outcomes of the Working Groups
  • Strive for effective Internal and External Outcome Evaluation
  • Make timely decisions
  • Advocate for research awareness with the public and government
  • Advocate for knowledge exchange within and outside of VCH


Dr. Robert McMaster
Executive Director, VCH Research Institute


Representatives from each VCHRI center and program as well as VCH executive members.