Clinical Trial Facilitation

In an effort to increase the volume of clinical trials performed at VCH, administrative functions have been centralized to refine procedures, improve efficiency and communication, coordinate efforts between departments, and to provide accurate tracking of contracts and accounts.

The Office of Clinical Trials Administration also provides standardized policies and procedures for managing the clinical trials process.

Once an internal or external party initiates a project, the Office of Clinical Trials Administration, in conjunction with that party, will:

  • Act as the office of record for all agreement documents.
  • Track the projects/agreements and collect data for internal and external purposes.
  • Negotiate the terms of the agreement, whether it be a confidentiality agreement, clinical trial agreement, amendment or subcontract.
  • Facilitate processing of agreements through standardized policies and procedures.
  • Assist with compliance regarding research issues.
  • Coordinate amendments, subcontracts and agreement terminations.
  • Provide final signature of agreements.
  • Create and maintain standard operating procedures for the conduct of clinical trials at VCH.
  • Coordinate the posting of active clinical trials conducted on the VCH Research Institute Website and Twitter feed.
  • Coordinate the VCH “E-Blast” procedure for recruitment of clinical trial participants.
  • Receive and process funding for clinical trials from Sponsors/Contract Research Organizations.
  • Arrange the set up of new research accounts at the health authority or university.