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Richmond Hospital Foundation believes research is an important component to enhance and improve our continuum of care in Richmond and throughout Vancouver Coastal Health.

The Richmond Hospital Foundation is proud to support a number of research initiatives, including entering into a three year partnership with VCH Research Institute to support the unique placement of a Medical Director of Research at Richmond Hospital.

With a focus on practice-based research where results can be directly applicable to the provision of care and service at VCH, Dr. Scott Garrison – Richmond’s new Medical Director of Research – will begin his ambitious research agenda by leading efforts to embark on the study of polypharmacy reduction in older adults (also known as deprescribing).

Deprescribing looks at patients who are receiving multiple medications to determine if better outcomes can be reached with fewer prescriptions. Preliminary study of deprescribing in other parts of the world indicates the possibility, under certain circumstances, of reduced hospitalization and reduced mortality in older adults when this approach is taken. In partnership with polypharmacy experts in BC and world-wide, Dr. Garrison now wants to take the next steps in exploring this issue.

This research will begin in Richmond, but Dr. Garrison and his colleagues are working to secure funding that will allow expansion of research trials to all of VCH, and if feasible to the entire province of BC.

This initiative and other research studies to be supported by the Foundation are part of our mandate to provide medical teams with leading-edge information and tools to support quality care for patients.

We sincerely appreciate your support of these goals.

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