Strategic Plan

VCH Research Institute was officially formed in June 2003. For many years prior, research and innovation had been an essential part of Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Hospital in academic partnership with the University of British Columbia and philanthropic partnership with VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. With the official formation of VCH Research Institute, our mandate has expanded to foster and promote research and innovation across the entire Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

As the first implementation step of the VCH Research Institute five year Strategic Plan (2011 to 2016), the institute's council was established.  The Council leads the research institute to achieve its goals through inclusive, transparent, accountable, and collaborative activities.

Working Group Leadership

  • Dr. Stirling Bryan - Career Development & Research Training Working Group
  • Dr. Robert McMaster - Financial Oversight and Business Development Working Group
  • Dr. Heather McKay - Knowledge Exchange and Communication Working Group
  • Dr. Kevin Gregory Evans - Research Infrastructure Working Group


Over the past year, the Council has approved the VCHRI Centre and Program Policy, created the new website, overseen a more transparent process of financial oversight, and implemented a government relations strategy. To this end VCHRI has met with many federal and provincial politicians. To create more interaction among researchers, health providers and trainees VCHRI holds an Annual Research Day each Spring. Each of the Working Groups has also been active.

  • Career Development & Research Training completed a matrix of current training and education programs and is identifying  programs to fill existing gaps.
  • Financial Oversight and Business Development has implemented a transparent processes and forum for decision-making about resource allocation and support of research.
  • Knowledge Exchange and Communications opted to first create the Stakeholder/Public Relations Portfolio to develop, a comprehensive strategy for internal and external stakeholder relations and communications. Faydra Aldridge, Director of Stakeholder Relations and Public Affairs, will work closely with this working group, the VCHRI communications team, and the various VCHRI Research Centre and Program leaders to develop strategies for stakeholder, government and communication needs.
  • Research Infrastructure prepared a summary of research infrastructure requirements at VCH and also completed an inventory of potential resources for shared services.


Outside of the Council and Working Groups VCHRI has been active in the BC health research community. Dr. Robert McMaster, Executive Director of VCHRI has been Chairing the Executive Management Team for BC Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN), serves on the National Steering Committee for the CIHR Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Initiative, as a Board member for Research Canada and has met with senior government officials. In addition, he has been active positioning BC to prepare for upcoming CIHR SPOR Initiatives. Also, Dr. McMaster has been actively involved with supporting the new Personalized Medicine Initiative (PMI) lead by Drs. Pieter Cullis and David Huntsman and Jim Russell.