KT Pathways

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Event Location 

Rm 9299, Diamond Health Care Centre

Intended Audience 
All research staff


Find out more about the process of knowledge translation (KT), and  become with familiar  terminology, concepts, and current perceptions of KT. Get a first-hand look at KT Pathways - a web based assessment and learning tool designed to help you build KT knowledge and skills. 

Speakers: Dr. Genevieve Creighton and Alison Hoens

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Gen Creighton is the Manager for Knowledge Translation at the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. In her role she supports researchers and knowledge users to move evidence into practice, policy and further research.

Alison Hoens is a knowledge broker and clinical professor with the University of British Columbia’s Department of Physical Therapy, as well as a research, education, and practice coordinator for Physiotherapy at Providence Healthcare. In addition, she continues to provide KT guidance for The BC SUPPORT Unit where she recently was seconded as the KT Specialist for the Methods Clusters.