NCCMT Spotlight on KT Methods and Tools: ROBINS-I Webinar

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 10:00am - 11:30am
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Researchers and Staff

The ROBINS-I tool can be used to appraise non-randomized studies comparing the health effects of two or more interventions. This includes a number of observational study designs such as cohort studies, quasi-randomized trials, and case-control and cross-sectional studies. Join us for a webinar to learn about the ROBINS-I!

How can the ROBINS-I help you?

Many types of study designs that evaluate interventions in public health do not use randomization. The ROBINS-I provides a single process that can be used to appraise these different types of evidence. This supports the use of evidence to formulate recommendations and develop public health actions.

The ROBINS-I consists of a seven domain appraisal framework. The tool also offers a number of explanations for ratings, terms, definitions and theory.

The webinar will include an overview of the ROBINS-I by its developers, Jonathan Sterne and Julian Higgins of the University of Bristol

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