People in Profile: Dr. Ellen Lu

What research question/area is your work focused on?
My research has been in epidemiology with a focus on pregnancy and birth-related outcomes in people with multiple sclerosis.

What is your biggest research achievement to date?
Being able to produce research that has a direct impact on the lives of individuals with Multiple sclerosis (MS) who are planning on having children.

What impact does your work have on health outcomes?
My research findings have been mostly reassuring for men and women with MS who are planning to have children. My work found that people with MS did not have worse birth outcomes compared to the general population.

What do you love about research?
The excitement of discovery! Especially if my findings can improve the lives of those with chronic diseases.

What is your dream research position?
I’m currently undecided between academia or a government job.

What are your top 3 activities outside of your research?
Spending time with my family, trying out new restaurants with friends and travelling with my husband.

What’s your healthiest habit?
I drink many cups of green tea everyday!


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