Medtech Development Hub

Supporting early-stage collaboration between engineers, clinicians, and entrepreneurs in developing and commercializing medical technologies.

The Medtech Development Hub is an initiative of both Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI) and the University of British Columbia (UBC) comprising both a physical space at VCHRI and a network of facilities and mentors, with the aim of supporting early-stage collaboration between engineers, clinicians, and entrepreneurs in the development and commercialization of medical technologies. The Hub is physically located in the Research Pavilion at Vancouver General Hospital in a space that is being outfitted with equipment and workspace suitable for design, manufacturing, and testing of medical device prototypes.

Members of the Hub can be individuals, societies or corporations drawn from the following groups:

  1. UBC appointments (students, faculty, staff, etc.),
  2. VCH appointments (clinicians, staff, etc.), and
  3. External entities (entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, recent graduates, corporations, societies, educational institutions, etc.).

Facilities: Turning Ideas into Products

Design Studio
The Hub offers a design studio to its members as well as access to design software.

Prototyping and Fabrication
The Hub members have access to a variety of prototyping and fabrication facilities. There is a small machine shop with basic tools for cutting, forming, shaping, assembly and finishing as well as electronics.

The hub offers access to various kinds of testing equipment including an autoclave and electrical and mechanical testing devices.

Start-up Space
The Medtech Development Hub offers shared working space for new ventures including hot desks, internet access, lockers and meeting space.  Private office space may be available – please contact us for details.

Services and Partners

  • Mentor Network: Members of the Hub have the opportunity to connect with a network of mentors, entrepreneurs, clinicians and students for support, guidance and collaboration.  Hub members affiliated with UBC have access to the e@UBC entrepreneurship training program. We are also partnering with the Medical device Development Centre - a local medtech incubator.
  • Facilities and Services at Hub Partners: Members of the Hub will have facilitated access to selected services and facilities at our partner institutions such as the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (CT, MRI, Bioengineering Lab, and Simulated Surgical Unit), BC Cancer Agency, BCIT, the Medical Device Development Centre and others.

Orientation and Training

New members of the Hub will be required to complete a safety and orientation training session, along with related equipment training courses for any facilities they wish to use that require such training. Proof of completion of training is required. For more information, please see the Medtech Development Hub internal website.

How to join the Medtech Development Hub?

Eligibility - Membership in the Hub is open to individuals involved in Medtech development who fit into one of the following categories:

  1. UBC appointments (students, faculty, staff, etc.)1
  2. VCH appointments  (clinicians, staff, residents, etc.)1
  3. Applicants who own or belong to an incorporated entity2
  4. Independent applicants (none of the above)2

1 There are no membership fees for UBC/VCH-affiliated applicants. However, use of some of the equipment, supplies and services available at the Hub may involve usage fees - please see the Medtech Development Hub internal website for more details.

2 Applicants in categories (3) and (4) must: 

  • pay fees associated with using the Hub space and equipment. The Medtech Development Hub fee structure is as follows:
    • Access to Space - $5/hr; max of $30/day and $500/month/user*, **
    • Use of Equipment - Basic tool use is included in space access fees.  Some specialized equipment is priced per hour of use. Users will be charged cost plus a small handling fee for use of supplies.

*For recent graduates and startups with few financial resources, fees can be reduced by up to 75%, by negotiation with the Hub Director.  Incidental use <15 min will not be charged (e.g. to pick up supplies or to speak with someone at the Hub).  Some consideration may also be applied for contributions in kind (negotiate with Hub Director).
**For exclusive use of a portion of the space, reasonable lease rates can potentially be arranged.  A minimum commitment period will apply and can be negotiated. Please see the Medtech Development Hub internal website for more details on payment options.

  • obtain the following insurance coverage (with VCH noted as an additional insured) prior to using the Hub space:

    • "General Liability Insurance" which includes “Premises Liability Insurance”; and
    • “Tenant’s Legal Liability” insurance (usually an endorsement to the General Liability Insurance); and
    • Any other insurance which the Applicant may be required by law to carry, or which the Applicant considers necessary to cover risks not otherwise covered by the above specified insurance.

Applicants are encouraged to consult with an insurance advisor about the above-mentioned insurances, available options and quotes. Such insurance can be purchased through most insurance companies. Proof of insurance is required prior to access being granted (with the amount of insurance coverage listed).

Interested in joining the Hub? 

Please read the Medtech Development Hub internal website carefully prior to applying for Hub membership. In order to apply, please fill out and sign the membership application form and submit it electronically to the Hub Assistant at, copying the Hub director at

Membership Application form for:

Management Team

Dr. Antony Hodgson, Director
Professor & NSERC Chair in Design Engineering
Director of UBC Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Robert McMaster
Executive Director of Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI)
Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Pegah Kharazmi, Hub Assistant
PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia
Research Assistant, BC Cancer Research Centre