Pancreas BC

The Pancreas Centre BC is dedicated to advancing research to find effective early detection methods and better treatments for pancreatic cancer patients.

The Pancreas Centre BC is a multidisciplinary centre of world-class experts involving the BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and the University of British Columbia. The Centre was established as a result of generous private donations.  Supported by BC Cancer Foundation and VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, the Centre is dedicated to advancing care for British Columbians with pancreatic cancer through research.

The research goals are focused on four major areas:

  • To understand how pancreatic cancer develops
  • To research potential screening methods for people predisposed to pancreatic cancer
  • To research potential new drug delivery systems
  • To identify new drug targets and drug development that will increase long term survival


Dr. Charles Scudamore, Steering Committee Chair
Dr. Dan Renouf, Co-director
Dr. David Schaeffer, Co-director


  • The centre has five core components that support pancreatic research:
    • Biobank
    • Translational Research
    • Microarray Unit
    • Clinical Trials Unit
    • Outcomes Unit
  • The centre is excited to support researchers engaged in pancreatic cancer research for pilot projects through IDEAS grant funding.
  • The centre has about 25 principle and affiliated investigators and an active training program.
  • The centre supports an anatomical pathology clinical fellowship, a gastrointestinal oncology fellowship for a board-certified medical oncologist and postgraduate research fellows.


Pancreas Centre BC
The Diamond Centre, Room 5186, 5th Floor
2775 Laurel Street 
Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1M9
Phone:  604.875.4111 x 22143

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