Skin Care Centre

Physicians and investigators at the Skin Care Centre focus on skin cancer epidemiology; biology and detection; hair disorders; lipids and the skin barrier; and skin immunology.

The Research Area includes five research laboratories, each focused on taking ideas from the bench to the bedside. Labs include the Dermatology Clinical Trials Unit, Skin Cancer Biology Laboratory, Photomedicine Institute, Immunodermatology Laboratory and Molecular Medicine Laboratory. Through the Clinical Trials Unit, clinicians are able to provide patients with the latest experimental drug, surgical and laser treatments under careful medical supervision.


Dr. Harvey Lui, Director of the Lab


  • Located at the Skin Care Centre, Vancouver General Hospital
  • Research group is able to utilize data from the research hub of the Skin Care Centre, which sees 78,000 patients a year
  • Development and commercialization of non-invasive optical skin cancer detection device – Verisante Aura


Skin Sciences
Skin Care Centre
835 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 4E8
Phone: 604.875.5151

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