Who Can Participate?

This initial study will recruit 100 MS and 100 non-MS subjects from existing patient rosters at the MS Clinic at UBC Hospital and the Saskatoon MS Clinic (50 MS patients from each clinic) Letters of invitation will be sent to all potentially eligible subjects identified from these rosters by the research team. This will include subjects with twins or family members with confirmed MS. This group of subjects will allow us to verify the condition of CCSVI and to determine if there is a genetic (inherited) link to this condition.

What if I am not a patient at the UBC Hospital MS Clinic?

Some subjects in BC who are followed at another MS clinic in BC (e.g. Victoria, Prince George, Kelowna, Burnaby) could be eligible if they have participated in the Canadian Collaborative Genetics Study in MS at some point over the last 10 years and otherwise meet enrolment criteria. Letters of invitation will go out to eligible participants.

While many other patients will want to volunteer, and we thank them for their support, our initial numbers will be limited. We will continue to apply for more funding so that we can better understand CCSVI and MS. We believe that the BC/SASK CCSVI study will only be the beginning of more research that will benefit people with MS in Canada.