Vancouver Community Health Services

Vancouver Community Health Services provides primary and community care to Vancouver’s 650,000 residents including the most vulnerable and marginalized clients. Vancouver Community delivers services across the life span through specialized programs for substance use, mental health, home health, geriatrics, residential care, assisted living, hospice services, end of life care and public health. 

The VCH Department of Family and Community Practice is comprised of over 400 primary care physicians who work across acute care, Community Health Services and in private practices. The department spans acute and community care and can therefore promote collaboration and communication among physicians to facilitate the transition of patients from acute care and specialty care to their family physicians. The Department, in partnership with the VCHRI, also provides research support for physicians and staff across Vancouver Community. 

Vancouver Community research focuses primarily on managing chronic disease, designing innovative interventions, evaluating best practices, determining the impact and cost-effectiveness of interventions, conducting needs assessments and measuring service utilization. Research on substance use and mental health and Aboriginal Health have been identified as key research priorities for Vancouver Community during 2017-2019, acknowledging the urgent need for evidence on providing better care in these areas.

Research Leadership

Dr. Rolando Barrios, Senior Medical Director, VCH Vancouver Community
Dr. David Hall, Head of VCH Department of Family and Community Practice 
Andrew Day, Director, Vancouver Central and Program Lead for Primary Care


Krisztina Vasarhelyi, Research Facilitator
Room 409 – 2775 Heather Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
Phone: 604-875-4111 x64710

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