Project Management for Clinical Research - Application Form

Due to high demand and limited capacity, this workshop series requires that attendees be nominated by their principal investigator.  Please complete the following application to nominate a representative from your research team.  Applications will be accepted until 4:30pm on December 20th.  Please note that it is expected that your representative be available to attend all three workshops.

Workshop 1 - January 30, 12:30pm-4:30pm:  The Introduction workshop covers key principles as well as scope, risk and quality management concepts and tools. At the end of the workshop, participants have been introduced to the benefits of defining and managing project scope, assessing risks, and establishing clear objectives and deliverables.
Workshop 2 - February 7, 8:30pm-12:30pm:  The Project Financial Management (Budgeting Basics) workshop will focus on cost management, with specific emphasis on budget construction. At the end of the workshop, participants will have been introduced to the principles of cost management, definition of budget categories and budget templates.
Workshop 3 - March 9, 12:30pm-4:30pm:  The Project Team workshop covers project team development and people management. Topics include team building and development, team decision-making, conflict resolution and workload management.