Research Study

Creation of an atlas to study the role of myelin in normal brain function
Principal Investigator 
Shannon Kolind


Body Locations and Systems 
Brain and Nerves
Diagnosis and Therapy 
MRI Scans
Study Start/End 
Nov 20, 2018
UBC Hospital
Adam Dvorak, PhD Student
Email Address
Purpose of Study 

While conventional MRI techniques take a qualitative image, our advanced MRI technique programs the scanner to function more like a quantitative measuring instrument to measure myelin - the insulating layer around the “wires” in the brain. For our research, we are building a 3D atlas (map) of myelin in the human brain. This exciting project will allow clinical practice to benefit from myelin imaging. Eventually, personalized treatments could be based on individual patients’ MRI results.


This study is recruiting people between the ages of 18-65 without a history of disease or injury affecting the brain or spinal cord.


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