Research Study

Comparison of Aripiprazole Versus Risperidone on Brain Morphology Using MRI
Principal Investigator 
Alasdair Barr


Body Locations and Systems 
Bipolar Disorder
Diagnosis and Therapy 
MRI Scans
Disorders and Conditions 
Bipolar Disorder 
Study Start/End 
Jul 8, 2014 to Jan 1, 2018
UBC Hospital, Vancouver Community
Delrae Fawcett, Research Assistant
604-875-2000 ext.6115
Email Address
Purpose of Study 

Significant changes in brain morphology are observed in people with first-episode psychosis. Studies have shown that total brain volume and particular brain structures are decreased in people with psychosis disorders. Recent evidence suggests that some atypical antipsychotic drugs can maintain or increase brain volumes. Thus, we plan to use MRI scans to measure changes in brain morphology in subjects recently diagnosed with bipolar or psychosis disorders who are taking the atypical antipsychotic drugs aripiprazole or risperidone. Secondary objectives include taking blood samples for fasting metabolic indices and neuropsychiatric measures for comparisons between drug treatments.


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