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A Phase II, Randomized, Open-Label Clinical Trial to Study the Efficacy and Safety of the Combination Regimen of MK-5172 and MK-3682 With Either MK-8742 or MK-8408 in Subjects With Chronic HCV GT3, GT4, GT5, and GT6 Infection
Principal Investigator 
Eric M. Yoshida


Body Locations and Systems 
Hepatitis C 
Closed to Recruitment
Study Start/End 
Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2017
Diamond Health Care Centre, Vancouver General Hospital
Jo-Ann Ford, Study Coordinator
Email Address
Purpose of Study 

This is a randomized, three-part, parallel-group, open-label trial of grazoprevir (MK-5172) (100 mg) and MK-3682 (300 mg or 450 mg) with either elbasvir (MK-8742) (50 mg) or MK-8408 (60 mg), and with and without ribavirin (RBV), in treatment-naive (TN) or treatment-experienced (TE) cirrhotic (C) or non-cirrhotic (NC) participants infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype (GT) 3. Part A will consist of 4 arms to evaluate the safety of dose combinations. In Part B, participants will take 2 MK-3682B fixed dose combination (FDC) tablets once daily (q.d.) by mouth, with or without twice-daily (b.i.d.) RBV (200 mg capsules; weight-based dosing). Participants who relapse following completion of therapy in Part A will be offered the option of retreatment with 16 weeks of MK-3682B with RBV in Part C (data obtained from Part C will not be used in the analysis of outcome measures).


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