Research Study

Expectations after total knee replacement and a cost effectiveness analysis between Canada and Germany
Principal Investigator 
Bassam A. Masri


Body Locations and Systems 
Knee Replacement
Study Start/End 
Apr 5, 2019
Raman Johal, Research Coordinator
604-875-4111 ext.21800
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Purpose of Study 

The purpose of this study is to better understand the expectations patients have of a total knee replacement, and to compare the outpatient rehabilitation system in Canada with the inpatient rehabilitation system in Germany for the purpose of cost analysis and rehabilitation outcomes of patients between the two.


This study is open to patients who are waiting for an initial total knee replacement (i.e. can have one knee done already and waiting for the second knee replacement, but can not be having both knees done at the same time).


Study Coordinators and Research Nurses cannot give medical advice over the phone. Telephone numbers and email addresses are provided for obtaining additional information on specific research studies only. If you have specific questions which require clinical expertise, please call your primary care physician.