Research Study

Impact of Hypoglycemia on Cardiac Function in Elderly Patients With Diabetes
Principal Investigator 
Graydon S. Meneilly


Body Locations and Systems 
Diabetes - Type 2
Disorders and Conditions 
Study Start/End 
Sep 2, 2014 to May 17, 2017
Diamond Health Care Centre, Vancouver General Hospital
Gale Tedder, Study Nurse
Email Address
Purpose of Study 

The risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) associated with the treatment of diabetes increases with age. Hypoglycemia is a common reason for admission to hospital for older patients with diabetes. Older patients are often unaware that their blood sugar is low and asymptomatic hypoglycemia, as assessed by continuous blood sugar monitoring, is frequent in the elderly. There is also evidence that older people with diabetes are more likely to develop cardiovascular events such a heart attack and more likely to die suddenly when compared to older people without diabetes. It is possible that low blood sugar levels contribute to the increased frequency of these events, but this possibility has never been studied. The purpose of this study is to assess how frequently low blood sugar occurs in older patients with diabetes and to see if low blood sugars adversely affect heart function in these patients.


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