Research Study

Prospective Validation of Prostate Biomarkers for Repeat Biopsy: The PRIORITY Study
Principal Investigator 
Alan I. So


Body Locations and Systems 
Prostate Cancer 
Study Start/End 
Sep 15, 2017 to Oct 30, 2018
Diamond Health Care Centre, Vancouver General Hospital
Jacquie Stevenson, Research Coordinator
604-875-4111 ext. 68298
Purpose of Study 

Target enrollment is 1000 prospectively enrolled subjects with an initial negative biopsy scheduled for repeat biopsy.

Subjects must have had their negative index prostate biopsy procedure within 30 months of being scheduled for their repeat biopsy.

All enrolled subjects will have all core tissues from the initial negative biopsy blinded and tested with the assay.

All subjects will have serum and plasma samples obtained prior to DRE, and a urine sample collected immediately following DRE but in advance of the repeat biopsy; samples will be blinded and sent to MDxHealth for evaluation.


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