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A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of RCT-01 in Men and Women With Unilateral, Chronic Achilles Tendinosis
Principal Investigator 
Rob Lloyd-Smith


Body Locations and Systems 
Closed to Recruitment
Study Start/End 
Feb 1, 2015 to Nov 2, 2017
UBC Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital
Michael B. Ryan, Post Doctoral Fellow
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Purpose of Study 

The primary purpose of this study is to assess the safety profile of RCT-01 injections as compared to placebo injections. This study will also measure the impact these injections will have on tendon structure and function and the symptoms of Achilles tendinosis.

28 participants will be selected for this study based on their health status, current/past medications, and ability to adhere to protocol-related requirements. Prior to entering the screening phase of the study, all potential study participants will have had to have at least 3 months of therapy for their unilateral, chronic (symptoms >6 months) Achilles tendinosis directed by a certified physiotherapist without a clinical response. At the first visit and after providing informed consent participants are evaluated against the study inclusion/exclusion criteria and provide blood samples for screening assessments (including virology). If suitable for study participation, participants will provide a biopsy from the scalp from which RCT-01 will be prepared.

Baseline evaluations of participants' overall health and tendinosis, in particular, will be performed on the day of injection. Once all baseline assessments have been completed, the tendon to be treated will be anesthetized and will receive ultrasound-guided injections of either placebo (cryomedium) or RCT-01.

All participants will return to the clinic for repeat assessments of their unilateral Achilles tendinosis and overall health at seven (7) visits over the following 6 months. Participants will also complete an eccentric training physiotherapy program under the guidance of a certified physiotherapist for two (2) months after receipt of injections. Total duration of patient participation is approximately eight (8) months.


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