Welcome to the VCHRI WHMIS Quiz

This session is MANDATORY for all new staff and students working at VCH Research, which includes the following buildings: Blusson Spinal Cord Centre (BSCC), Heather Pavilion (HP), Jack Bell Research Centre (JBRC), Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre (RHNH), Research Pavilion (RP) and Willow Chest Centre (WCC). It's also open to anyone who needs a refresher. All questions must be answered correctly before the quiz will allow you to submit. A copy of your completed quiz is automatically e-mailed to your PI/Supervisor and they will be advised to enter the information on your Personnel Training Record. If you wish to print a copy of your completed quiz, first submit the quiz to your PI/Supervisor, then hit the back arrow button (top left), then click on the PRINT YOUR ANSWERS button at the end.