Hossein Sharifi-Noghabi

Research Assistant
Degrees / Designations 

Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science, Simon Fraser University (SFU). Burnaby, Canada. Sep. 2016- Present.
Senior supervisor: Prof. M. Ester.
Supervisor: Prof. C. Collins.

Master of Science, Artificial Intelligence, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. Mashhad, Iran. Sep.2012- Feb. 2015.
Supervisor: Prof. H. Rajabi Mashhadi.

Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology Engineering, Sadjad University of Technology
(Former Sadjad Institute of Higher Education). Mashhad, Iran. Sep. 2008-Aug. 2012,

Mailing Address 
2660 Oak Street Vancouver, BC V6H 3Z6


Academic Appointment 
Body Locations and Systems 
Prostate Cancer
Other Areas of Research 
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics; Machine Learning

In progress...

Current Projects 

Deep Transfer Learning in prostate cancer research.

Method development for Biomarker discovery for prostate cancer metastasis.