Jehannine Austin

Genetic Counselor
Degrees / Designations 

MSc: Genetic Counseling, UBC

PhD: Neuropsychiatric Genetics, University of Wales College of Medicine

BSc: Biochemistry, University of Bath

Mailing Address 


Academic Appointment 
Associate Professor
Disorders and Conditions 
Mental Health and Behaviour
Other Areas of Research 
Genetic Counseling

Dr. Austin is jointly appointed between psychiatry and medical genetics. The objective of her research program is to use a clinical genetics perspective to inform the development of novel biological and non-biological interventions to improve outcomes for individuals with psychiatric disorders and to support their families.

She is particularly interested in:

  • Improving outcomes for people with mental illness and their families by helping them to better understand the causes of mental illness.
  • Contributing to a better understanding of factors that contribute to the development of postpartum depression, and developing new nutritional interventions to reduce women’s risk for postpartum depression
  • Modifying healthcare professionals attitudes towards individuals with mental illness.
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