Rolando Barrios

Senior Medical Director for Vancouver Community Health Services
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Vancouver Community 520 West 6th Ave Vancouver, BC


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Clinical Assistant Professor
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Community Health
Health Policy
Harm Reduction
Knowledge Translation

Dr. Rolando Barrios is the Senior Medical Director for Vancouver Community Health Services, Vancouver Coastal Health.  Dr. Barrios has over 20 years of experience working to improve access to care for marginalized populations. His early work focused on planning and implementing a community health clinic services for refugees arriving in Vancouver, outreaching and providing access to harm reduction interventions for intravenous drug users in Vancouver’s Downtown eastside.  Later, he successfully led the redesign  of the primary care services for Vancouver Community and the development of a new HIV outpatient care modelservice at St. Paul’s Hospital.  Components of this model of HIV care implemented at the HIV service was were spread through British Columbia (BC) using a Continuous Quality Improvement collaborative methodology adopted from the Institute of Healthcare focussing in bridging the gaps between science and practice. Improvement, the Structured Learning Collaborative (SLC).  This most recent work has resulted in significant improvements on the quality of care delivered to HIV infected individuals across BC.

In 2009, the BC Ministry of Health funded a pilot project, the ‘Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention of HIV/AIDS’ (STOP HIV/AIDS) based on the success of these pilots the government announced in 2012 the adoption of the strategy across British Columbia.  Since, he’s been leading this program.  The Provincial HIV SLC Collaborative has supported the use of best practices and evidence-based medicine substantially closing the gaps in care and outcomes of people living with HIV/AIDS in BC.  Dr. Barrios is involved in the development and evaluation of provincial HIV/AIDS guidelines for British Columbia.  He has supported numerous research projects and assist researches in developing and implementing research initiatives.  He is particularly interested in knowledge translation.   Dr. Barrios in his role at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS supports and leads a group of researchers and acts as a Principal Investigator for the ARV-Focused Pharmacovigilance Initiatiative.

As a Senior Medical Director for Vancouver Coastal Health, the largest Health Authority in British Columbia, he is leading key health system redesign initiatives aimed at creating efficiencies and better aligning resources to population needs.