Budgeting and Financial Management

Budgeting for Clinical Trials

Researchers are responsible for creating comprehensive budgets that cover all expenses related to the conduct of a clinical trial.

Institutional Overhead

Institutional overhead must be added to the total cost of the research. Read the overhead guideline for more information.

Institutional Research Ethics Board (REB) Review Fees

An initial application fee of $3,000 CAD per application covers the cost of the submission and initial review of the application for an industry-initiated clinical trial and a $500 CAD annual renewal fee will be charged. 

The UBC Certificate of Ethical Approval will not be released until the review fee has been received by the UBC REB.

Departmental Costs

Hospital departments such as pharmacy or the laboratory may be impacted by the conduct of a clinical trial.  Contact Jason Sim for more information.

Receiving Payment for Clinical Trials

All payments for industry-initiated clinical trials conducted at VCH must be directed to:

VCH Research Institute
6/F, 2635 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
Attention: Coordinator, Clinical Trials Administration

The payee is Vancouver Coastal Health Authority or The University of British Columbia, and not the individual investigator. Research funding received in connection with a clinical trial must be held in an institutional account.