Recruitment Support

VCHRI supports research at VCH and provides easy-to-use resources to help researchers expand their reach and engage more potential study participants.

Recruitment support is available for both new and existing studies. To utilize these resources, VCHRI operational approval must obtained. Learn more about how to obtain Operational Reserach Approval.

Recruitment support package

Clinical Research Study Directory

The VCHRI Study Directory is a centralized database to showcase the research studies conducted by VCHRI researchers and provide an easy-to-access online directory for the public to find opportunities to participate in research studies.

For studies registered on, VCHRI has an agreement in place to post these studies automatically, without the need for further ethics approval. Registered studies require the completion of sections 1, 2, 3e to 3h, and 5 on the Recruitment Support Form. For non-registered studies, researchers can still request that their study be posted to the research directory. However, in such cases the Recruitment Support Form must be submitted to the REB for approval. Non-registered studies require the completion of sections 2, 3, and 5.

In an effort to keep our directory up to date, please advise the VCHRI Communications Specialist of any changes to study information and contact personnel.

E-blast and Poster

With a cumulative reach of over 14,000 people, VCHRI can assist researchers with recruitment by sending a promotional email (e-blast) to internal staff distribution lists to raise awareness for their study. Researchers can request an e-blast by filling out the Recruitment Support Form and submitting it to the VCHRI Research Approvals Coordinator. Upon receipt, the study information will be formatted to a VCHRI template and returned to the research groups for REB approval. The e-blast can be distributed when the study receives both REB and VCHRI operational approval.

Social Sharing

With over five thousand followers, @VCHResearch can help reach potential participants across BC. Twitter promotion is available for both registered and non-registered studies. Researchers can request that a unique post to raise awareness of their study by filling out the Recruitment Support Form and submitting it to the VCHRI Research Approvals Coordinator.

VCHRI Newsletters
The VCHRI Research Insider newsletter is published twice a month and focuses on research highlights and successes of affiliated researchers. Researchers interested in featuring their studies, findings or team members in the Research Insider newsletter can contact the VCHRI Communications Specialist.
Research Awareness Materials
VCHRI has developed materials for researchers and research centres (e.g. brochures, resource cards, etc.) that provide details on how to participate in research at VCH. These resources are provided free of cost and can be distributed to any patients or members of the public who are interested in learning more about becoming a research participant. To request materials, contact the VCHRI Communications Specialist.


Recruitment Support Form