Service for Researchers

The VCHRI Communications Team offers a variety of services to both our research community members and to the media. From coordinating news releases, connecting partner organizations and scientists, to liaising between the media and VCH researchers, we are available to support a variety of communications needs.

Promoting your research
Do you have research study or clinical trial findings to share? Have you recently received an award or accolade for your work? Is your research about to be published? Do you want your knowledge to be translated to a broader audience?

Working in partnership with your academic partners as well as grant funding agencies, we can develop news stories about your latest studies, innovations and success stories. Depending on the content, we can also develop stories that feature your research on our website, newsletters, and social media channels. 

Our goal is to get your research shared and noticed as widely as possible. If you would like to have your research featured, please reach out to us
Are you presenting your research in print, online or at an event? Researchers are encouraged to acknowledge VCH Research Institute’s support by using the logo on websites, business cards, printed materials, posters, and other visual presentations. Download the VCHRI logo.

We are also able to provide researcher poster templates and other resources to present your research in a professional and branded manner. Please contact Vivian Sum, Senior Communications Manager at if you need further support, information or resources on brand usage. 

As a health researcher, you have a key role to play in raising the profile of health research. Your stakeholders recognize you in different ways, with academic stakeholders identifying with an academic title and affiliation, while health stakeholders (patients, donors to the hospital foundations, VCH senior leaders, Ministry of Health officials etc.) identify you with your health title. We ask for your help in raising awareness about VCH Research Institute by i) citing VCHRI affiliation in your research papers and poster; ii) including VCHRI or a VCH health site affiliation in all communications including e-signatures, newsletters, media interviews and public presentations, etc.
Website/social media development and content
Do you need help developing a website or a social platform for your research team? We can assist in developing the communication tools you need and we also have connections to trusted vendors who can help. We will provide communications guidance and help oversee your web project to ensure its quality and functionality. 
Promotional materials
We can offer a range of promotional materials to help spread awareness of your research and opportunities for research participation at VCH Research Institute. These include brochures and posters that explain and share how patients and the public can learn about and participate in research opportunities.

Sharing these materials in your office helps us promote your research as well as elevate research participation opportunities at VCH. Please contact Ashley Racette, Communications Specialist at if you are interested in any promotional material. 
Community outreach and events
We help spread awareness of health research events as well as support the events of our research community. If you have an event that you would like us to promote on our events calendar, please email Vivian Sum, Senior Communications Manager at

Are you planning an event or community outreach activity and would like VCHRI support ? At our discretion, we can assist with events and outreach by having VCHRI representative present to answer questions, promote research, and provide materials and outreach. If you would like us to be present at your event or help support it with promotional material, please contact Ashley Racette, Communications Specialist at for assistance and guidance. 
Research study recruitment support

It is our goal to help you achieve your research study and clinical trial recruitment targets. We have a number of communications channels to help publicize research participation opportunities, including:

  • Study directory: Register your study on our user-friendly online study directory where potential participants can easily find and browse opportunities.
  • Recruitment advertising: We can produce electronic and print recruitment flyers to promote your studies. These can be shared over email to our internal audiences throughout the 14,000 VCH employee list serve, or be easily printed and displayed in your office and reception areas.
  • In It Together newsletter: We can feature your study in our patient-oriented newsletter that is distributed to potential participants who have expressed an interest in research opportunities. 
  • Social channels: If you have registered your study to the directory and completed a recruitment ad with us, you may indicate permission for us to share your recruitment ad on our social channels.  
Media Training

Learn what makes news! We can help you understand what types of questions the media will ask you and how to effectively present your key messages. On-the-spot media coaching is provided for proactive media releases about your work, or if you are called as an expert and need support before your interview.

If you are doing a significant amount of media and are expected to handle queries of significant public interest or sensitivity, formal media training can be arranged in partnership with either UBC and/or VCH corporate communications.