Facilities Administration

Vancouver Coastal Health is the largest multi-disciplinary research precinct for leading researchers in British Columbia. 

Vancouver Coastal Health includes both acute care and community care facilities that offer unlimited research opportunities in clinical and basic research, translational research, and clinical trials to name only a few.

Research Facilities

The majority of research takes place within the Acute Care Health Facilities, also known as “Vancouver Acute”. This encompasses buildings with both wet and dry laboratories at Vancouver General Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, and UBC Hospital.

Space Allocation

Are you looking for additional space within VCH Research Institute? Review the following policies prior to submitting your request:

Send your request via email to Karen Donaldson (karen.donaldson@vch.ca). Your request should list all lab personnel, all current grant funding held by you, amount and type of space you need, a justification for the space, and any specific requirements in order to be able to function in the space.

VCH Research Infrastructure Working Group

In 2011, the VCH Research Infrastructure Working Group Committee was established to focus discussions on research infrastructure, particularly with respect to accessibility and availability of new and replacement research space. The Committee meets 2-3 times annually and is made up of individuals located throughout Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute including Dr. Kevin Gregory-Evans (Chair), Centre and Department Directors as well as Managers within our sites.