Grant Signing

Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute offers onsite grant signing through the UBC Office of Research Services.

For VCHRI researchers, it is recommended that you allow an additional two (2) full working days in advance of the Office of Research Services (ORS) internal deadline to obtain the signature of Dr. David Granville, associate dean, research, VCHRI. All grant applications submitted to the Office of Research Services must adhere to a minimum 2 working day internal deadline.  Please use the Research Project Information Form. More details can be found at


  • VCHRI Internal Deadline: 4 days in advance of the sponsor deadline: Monday @ 4:30pm
  • *ORS Internal Deadline:  2 days in advance of the sponsor deadline: Wednesday @ 4:30pm  *Fee charged for missed deadline
  • Sponsor Competition Deadline: Friday

Services Provided

  • Grant application signatures:  Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Medicine and UBC institutional signatory
  • Financial administration of VCH cost-centres for research grants awarded to VCH staff (non-UBC faculty).
  • Financial administration of UBC Research Accounts (Non-industry) for UBC faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students located at VCH (see details below).
  • UBC Transfer Agreements for collaborations.
  • Clinical Trial Registration on

Grant Application Requirements

Please provide the following documents when submitting your grant applications for signature to the VCH Research Institute Office of Research Services:

  • Actual sponsor application pages which contain the PIs details. Must include signature page(s).
  • All pages containing Co-PI signatures.
  • Summary of research proposal or abstract.
  • Detailed budget and budget justification.
  • In the case of cooperative projects, letters of support or commitment from collaborating companies or institutions.
  • If your application involves an industry collaborator, a complete copy of the application is required.
  • Research Project Information Form (RPIF) signed by the PI and department head. Forms available at this link:

UBC Research Account requirements

  • Copy of your grant application signed by PI, UBC Department Head & Faculty Dean, including a copy of the Research Project Information Form (RPIF) signed by the PI and Department Head.
  • Award letter detailing terms & conditions, reporting requirements, payment frequency etc.
  • Cheque (if applicable).
  • Ethics, Animal Care, Biosafety, VCH Hospital Approvals (if applicable) must be valid & current before research funds are released.
  • UBC Conflict of Interest Declaration must be current before funds are released.

For non-UBC researchers only: If your research account is to be set up and administered at VCH, the same documentation is required. Contact Susan O'Neil ( to establish a VCH research cost centre.

For more information on research grants and accounts, please refer to the UBC Research Services website