Health and Safety

VCH Research Institute is committed to offering education, regulations and policies that ensure the health and safety within our research facilities.

COVID-19 Update:

VCHRI is slowly resuming the resumption of research in accordance with Public Health Orders, and in coordination with UBC and VCH. All researchers must obtain research resumption approval prior to re-starting any on-site research.  Research Exemption must re-apply using the research resumption process and guidelines as posted at the following link: The overall VCHRI Return to Work/Safety Plan will also be posted at this link and will be updated as needed.

Please note all UBC staff are required to complete the following course prior to returning to site: Preventing COVID-19 Infection in the Workplace.  

All VCHRI facilities must meet physical distancing requirements and have appropriate signage. You may wish to use some of the following posters/signs for this purpose:

Regulations and Policies

Federal, provincial, and institutional regulations and policies exist that help keep our workplace safe for the faculty, staff, students, and visitors who work in VCH Research Institute facilities. Please review these regulations and policies to keep you and your colleagues safe.

New Staff Requirements

Before you can work in a VCH Research Institute research lab, you must attend an orientation and complete training and all mandatory courses (based on the type of lab you are in). Until then, you must work under the supervision of a staff member who possesses the required training. Building orientation will be provided by your PI and/or Lab Supervisor.

Review the following information to get started:

Your supervisor is responsible for all lab-related issues and should be advised of any incidents, hazards, general questions, or concerns.

The Health and Safety Committee at VCH Research Institute meets every month to address workplace issues and safety, events, and course opportunities. If you would like to become a member, please e-mail us at

Orientation and Training

As per WorkSafe BC H&S regulation 3.22 to 3.25 the following topics must be included in all new or young workers’ orientation training:

Lab and Chemical Waste Disposal Procedures

Information Update - November 7, 2018

PHSA plans, coordinates and evaluates specialized health services with the BC health authorities to provide equitable and cost-effective health care for people throughout the province. Business Initiatives and Support Services (BISS) is the unit responsible for all waste disposal and have advised us that Metro Vancouver are in the process of inspecting garbage waste from some of our facilities at the VGH site so that we can send it to the transfer stations instead of the Burnaby incinerator. This will reduce transportation distances and give us additional disposal options. Our research buildings garbage is included and will be inspected over the next 6 weeks. Please review and or circulate the attached documentation to all staff at your facilities at your earliest convenience.

Please ask staff to pay particular attention to the requirement to dispose of all biomedical waste in the appropriate biomedical waste stream and to dispose of empty bags, boxes or containers with biohazard labels as biomedical waste. If you are unsure of what containers, etc you need please contact a member of the health and safety committee for your group or for VCHRI. A list of VCHRI committee members is posted on the bulletin boards on each floor.

Insurance for staff, students and volunteers

Please contact your departmental HR Manager for information on insurance coverage in case of an accident/injury while on our premises. Click here for a helpful resources on insurance.

Health & Safety Committee

Contact information for the Health & Safety Committee members at VCH.

Fire Wardens

Contact information for the fire wardens at the Jack Bell Research Centre, the Research Pavilion and the Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre.