We offer the support, training, and education necessary for the development of global knowledge leaders. 

We welcome graduate students, medical students, health professional students, residents, clinical fellows, and postdoctoral fellows to VCH Research Institute – your work is vital to helping us achieve our vision of healthier lives through discovery. Our environment presents opportunities for you connect with research peers and mentors, expand the breadth and depth of your knowledge, and enrich your research experience.

Projects at VCH Research Institute range from basic science, translational, population health, to health policy research.

To ensure that our programming meets the diverse needs of our trainees, we work with Dr. Alice Mui, our VCH Research Institute Trainee Program Advisor and Director of Resident Research Education in the Division of General Surgery. Dr. Mui’s combined roles afford her the necessary skills to help foster interactions among our diverse group of trainees.

Funding Opportunities

VCH Research Institute offers a number of funding opportunities, such as internal awards and competitions, for individual investigators and teams to support continuity of research and bring discovery from bench to bedside.


We hold numerous workshops and research events focusing on career and research development, to support our trainees and researchers in their continued learning. Find out about our learning opportunities in the Workshops & Events calendar.