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Researchers at Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute are generating world class research, providing the best care and cutting-edge treatments for British Columbians.

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Gary Andolfatto Assistant Professor
George Astrakianakis Assistant Professor
Matthew Bennett Clinical Assistant Professor
Lara Boyd Associate Professor
Kristin Campbell Associate Professor
Luke Chen Clinical Assistant Professor
Peter Choi Professor
Janice Eng Professor
Thalia Field Assistant Professor
Anthony Y-F. Fung Clinical Professor
Carolyn Gotay Professor
Manraj Heran Associate Professor
Claudia Jacova Assistant Professor
Brian Kwon Professor
Agnes Lee Associate Professor
Charles Li Clinical Associate Professor
Verity H. Livingstone Associate Professor
Angela Lo Clinical Instructor
Gabriel Loh Clinical Assistant Professor
Jens Lohser Clinical Assistant Professor
Neil S. Longridge Clinical Professor
Luck Louis Clinical Instructor
Gina Louise Clinical Instructor
Heather Y. Lovelace Clinical Instructor
Stanley Lubin Clinical Professor
Harvey Lui Professor
Elaine Y. Lum Clinical Instructor
Brenna M. Lynn Assistant Professor
Patrick Ma Clinical Associate Professor
David Maberley Professor
Sheina Macadam Clinical Associate Professor
Heather Macdonald Assistant Professor
Jenny Helen MacGillivray Clinical Instructor
Lindsay S. Machan Associate Professor
David Pi Clinical Associate Professor
Gary Redekop Associate Professor
Donald Ricci Clinical Professor
Anthony J. Salvian Clinical Professor
Tara Sedlak Clinical Assistant Professor
Robert Tarzwell Clinical Assistant Professor
David C. Taylor Associate Professor
David Wood Clinical Associate Professor
Jian Ye Clinical Professor