VCH Research Challenge Registration

The Vancouver Coastal Health Research Challenge for point-of-care nursing and allied health staff is designed to support point-of-care staff who do not have research experience. The Research Challenge is run in partnership with VCH Professional Practice and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute. Click here for more information.

Registration deadline: Monday February 8, 2021


Team Lead Information

Please include whether you are a nursing or allied health professional if your position/title is nondescript

Team Members' Information

Team Member #1
Team Member #2
Team Member #3
Please provide the same information as above for each additional member

Manager Support

The Team Lead submitting this registration acknowledges that they have discussed this research idea/project with their Manager/Supervisor. If this project is funded the Manager will work with the team members to accommodate requests for scheduled time to work on this project.

Please select the Communities of Care where the potential research project will be conducted


If you are accepted for participation in the Research Challenge, the organizing team agrees to work with you to select a mentor for your project and provide research skills workshops. If your project is funded, we will support you to conduct your research project.