Health and Economic Impact

Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute is focused on discovery and translational research that directly impacts health and economic outcomes in B.C.

New Treatments for British Columbians

Our work allows for delivering care with value-added knowledge translation. Our innovative research offers new treatment options for all British Columbians, particularly through clinical trials.

Research infrastructure encourages home-grown discovery and provides the ability to participate in global clinical trials. As a result, British Columbians have faster access to novel, cutting-edge treatments that would otherwise not be available.

While the goal of a clinical trial is ultimately to unlock the potential of new therapies and treatments that will result in improved quality of lives and lives saved, the additional economic benefits of such programs are substantial and cannot be overlooked.

Research Funding

With annual research revenue between $75 to 100 million, VCH Research Institute plays a significant role in B.C.’s health research industry. Health research contributes approximately $150 million annually to the provincial Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and creates close to 2,500 direct and indirect employment opportunities in B.C.

Economic punch and brain gain

The research enterprise in B.C. is a magnet for national and international funding dollars. This form of investment into B.C. brings in leading research clinicians and scientists from around the world, and with them trainees, lab technicians, new technology and the ability to educate a new generation of B.C. knowledge leaders. 

There are more than 3,000 personnel employed in health research in B.C. For every 100 health research jobs that are directly funded, there are another 46 to 80 jobs created elsewhere.

Health services supply and demand

Clinical, bench, and health systems research impact both the supply side (reduction in treatment times, improvements in screening, reduction in readmission, better health outcomes) and the demand side (reducing the need for services such as hip fractures, occurrence of disease, and hospital readmission) of health resources. Our research aims to create efficiencies by enhancing care and better understanding services, health, and our population’s needs.

Commercialization and biotechnology company spinoffs

B.C. has a well-developed clinical trial capability, providing patients with faster access to novel, cutting-edge therapies and treatments. Our research has led to the development of numerous spin-off and research-related companies, all contributing to B.C.’s economy.