Vision, Mission and Values


Healthier lives through discovery


Research at Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute leads and excels in the generation of health knowledge through discovery, education, application and evaluation.

Grand Goal

VCH Research Institute will be recognized provincially, nationally and internationally for its leadership in translational research and training.


These statements about our values are intended to guide our decision‐making, keeping us true to our Vision and Mission.

We value relevance. Therefore we:

  • Hold ourselves accountable to society
  • Aim for significance to people and their needs
  • Consider the implications and effectiveness of results
  • Engage in discussion about ethical issues

We value synergy and teamwork. Therefore we:

  • Promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research, collegiality and mentoring
  • Encourage creativity and the free flow of ideas
  • Conduct research that adds value through combining basic and applied approaches
  • Foster mutual respect, encouragement and support
  • Share information and recognize achievement

We value excellence. Therefore we:

  • Measure our performance against external criteria
  • Evaluate our work through peer review processes
  • Use performance indicators for benchmarking
  • Expect high levels of competence

We value high ethical standards and scholarly integrity. Therefore we:

  • Require adherence to national and international policies governing the conduct of research
  • Educate and inform the research community about ethical issues
  • Are committed to truthfulness, accuracy and rigour in methodology and reporting

We value research translated into clinical practice.