Research Study

From Clinic to Community: Using Peer Support as a Transition Model for Improving Long-term Diabetes-related Health Outcomes
Principal Investigator 
Tricia Tang


Body Locations and Systems 
Diabetes - Type 2
Disorders and Conditions 
Study Start/End 
Oct 14, 2014 to Sep 30, 2017
Richmond Health Services, Vancouver General Hospital
Rowshanak Afshar, Research Coordinator
604-875-4111 ext.63449
Purpose of Study 

This study is a 12-month study. There are two different groups in the study. Both groups will enter the study after the graduation from 8-hour diabetes education course taught at VGH, St. Paul's, or Richmond Hospital. The first group will receive on-going support from their peers who have diabetes and are trained specifically to help other patients with diabetes. The second group will receive the usual care.


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