Research Study

Vancouver Falls Prevention Clinic Database
Principal Investigator 
Teresa Liu-Ambrose


Body Locations and Systems 
Diagnosis and Therapy 
Assistive Devices 
Study Start/End 
Jan 1, 2010 to Jan 1, 2018
Lions Gate Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital
Michelle Munkacsy, Research Assistant
604-875-4111 ext.69056
Purpose of Study 

At the Falls Prevention Clinic, each subject receives a comprehensive assessment of his or her individual risk factors for falling in addition to a comprehensive medical examination. Recommendations and appropriate followup tests and referrals are ordered for patients on an individual basis.

Essential for medical advancement is the inquiry into information collected from medical records of older adults at high risk of falls and fracture. On such example is a retrospective chart review we conducted among patients who sustained a hip fracture [14]. The database we propose will provide novel insight into the identification of individuals at high risk for falls, key predictors of falls and associated mortality, morbidity, health related quality of life and healthcare resource utilization. In summary, our database will enable us to assess and improve quality of care, service delivery, patient outcomes, patient reported outcomes and track economic burden.



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