David I. McLean

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Dr. McLean has a special interest in the advancement of global learning and training in dermatology, and to that end was a Founding Senior Associate Editor for the Canadian Journal of Dermatology and Founding Editor for the Dermatology Times of Canada. He pioneered interactive teaching in 1994 as the author of the CD-ROM entitled Illustrated Synopsis of Dermatology: Diagnosis and Treatment.  He is Secretary-General of the International Foundation for Dermatology, which is active in enhancing dermatology training and care in Africa, and is a Board member of the International League of Dermatolgic Societies.

Dr. McLean has published over 120 papers in journals and books, and has been involved in over 40 research projects: his current focus is on melanoma and skin lesions, and has recently co-led the largest survey of moles and other pigmented lesions in school age children undertaken in North America.

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