Priscilla Taipale

Registered Nurse
Degrees / Designations 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Laurentian University)
Master of Science in Nursing (The University of British Columbia)
PhD Student (Doctor of Philosophy - Nursing, The University of British Columbia)

Mailing Address 
Vancouver General Hospital - Jim Pattison Pavillion Emergency Department 920 West 10th Avenue Vancouver British Columbia V5Z 1M9


Academic Appointment 
Other Areas of Research 
Delirium Women and Heart Disease Neuropathic Pain Development Trauma and Pain Pain Management by RNs Measuring the phenomenon of Response Shift in Patient Reported Outcomes Generalizability Theory

I am a Registered Nurse with 12 years of experience in critical care. I have been interested in clinical research since my undergraduate degree and an experience working in London England was the catalyst for my decision to complete a MSN and then later work towards a PhD. I have conducted an observational study at VGH in 2009/2010 to determine the relationships between the prn administration of midazolam and narcotic analgesia and postoperative delirium following cardiac surgery. This study then led me to an interest in pain, ethical theorizing in pain and in pain management in acute care settings. I am currently an RN in the emergency department at VGH, as well as a PhD student at UBC who is planning to study the trajectories of neuropathic pain development in patients aged 17 - 50 who sustain a traumatic limb fracture. I also have a strong interest in measurement and statistics and I am working towards a concurrent subspecialty in measurement through the department of Educational Psychology. My research interests are in the areas of delirium, cardiac surgery, women and heart disease, neuropathic pain, ethical theorizing in pain management and also in qualitative grounded theory methods.

Current Projects 

I am in the proposal stage of planning for my dissertation research to examine the trajectories of neuropathic pain development following a limb fracture in patients aged 17 - 50.
I am a research assistant on a qualitative, grounded theory study of the acute care experiences of RNs who are care givers to older adults.
I am a co-investigator on a submitted grant proposal to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, examining Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in women with coronary artery disease.