Riyad Abu-Laban

Associate Professor & Research Director, UBC Department of Emergency Medicine
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604-875-4111 x23079
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Department of Emergency Medicine Vancouver General Hospital 855 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver


Academic Appointment 
Associate Professor
Other Areas of Research 
Emergency Medicine
research education
clinical epidemiology
clinical trials
drug related visits to the ED
sports medicine
x-ray utilization
procedural sedation and analgesia
wilderness medicine
cardiac arrest

Riyad is an Emergency Physician at VGH, Associate Professor and Research Director of the UBC Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM), and leads the Research & Innovation Program of the BC Emergency Medicine Network. He holds a MHSc in epidemiology, and has a wide range of publications including first authorship on randomized trials in the NEJM and Lancet. Riyad’s focus is on the advancement of EM as an academic discipline both nationally and at UBC. His professional contributions include 10 years as Senior Associate Editor for the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine, 8 years as a member of the Royal College EM Specialty Committee, and participation on the Collaborative Working Group on the Future of Emergency Medicine in Canada. Riyad has provided academic mentorship and methodologic support to numerous DEM trainees, faculty members and career award recipients, and has taught on clinical trials for the VCHRI Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Evaluation (C2E2). In 2011 he developed an innovative one-month research education program that has continued annually and involves several C2E2 members as faculty. Riyad oversees a wide range of DEM and BC EM Network research activities, and is involved in a number of ongoing studies. His most recent lead author publications include a study on the relationship between Canadian medical student career interest in EM and post-graduate training disposition (2017), and the first peer-reviewed paper on the background and structure of the BC EM Network (2018).

Current Projects 

A Provincial Emergency Medicine Network: Methodology and Findings Informing Its Development and Their Impact

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Jan 1, 20102010 Investigator Awards (Mentor)