Susan Small

Mailing Address 
Susan Small School of Audiology & Speech Sciences, Faculty of Medicine Friedman Building, 2177 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z3


Academic Appointment 
Associate Professor

Research in the Pediatric Audiology Lab is focussed on furthering our understanding of the maturation of hearing through investigations of peripheral (external ear to 8th nerve) and central (brainstem to cortex) processing. Although the cochlea has been shown to be adult-like at birth, differences in auditory processing at the level of the brainstem and cortex are evident for infants and young children compared to adults. My research investigates both the estimation of hearing threshold in infants with normal hearing and hearing loss using behavioural measures (e.g., visual reinforcement audiometry) and auditory evoked potentials (e.g., auditory steady-state responses) using both air- and bone conducted stimuli and the mechanisms that underlie the infant-adult differences.  My research focus also includes using cortical event-related potentials to learn more about the effect that auditory experience has on early speech perception abilities in infants with normal hearing (i.e., typical amount of auditory experience with speech and language) and young infants who are identified with hearing loss.