Research Study

The effect of secondary attentional tasks on smooth pursuit eye movements and reaction time in mild traumatic brain injury
Principal Investigator 
William Panenka


Disorders and Conditions 
Mental Health and Behaviour
Study Start/End 
Jul 15, 2016 to Jul 15, 2017
Vancouver General Hospital
Jacob Stubbs, Research Assistant
Email Address
Purpose of Study 

This study investigates the use of eye tracking technology as a diagnostic tool for mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and concussion. We are looking at the effect of additional working memory (short-term memory) load on the smoothness of eye movements in both concussed and healthy populations.


Individuals who have sustained a concussion or mTBI within the past 2
years, and healthy controls interested in participating in research.
Participants must be between 18 and 50 years of age with normal or
corrected vision. Further eligibility questions will be required upon contact


Study Coordinators and Research Nurses cannot give medical advice over the phone. Telephone numbers and email addresses are provided for obtaining additional information on specific clinical research trials only. If you have specific questions which require clinical expertise, please call your primary care physician.