Research Study

The Feasibility of a Telephone and Web-based Physical Activity Intervention for Female Shift Workers.
Principal Investigator 
Kristin Campbell


Body Locations and Systems 
Women's Health 
Closed for Recruitment
Study Start/End 
Jan 1, 2015 to Nov 1, 2017
GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, Lions Gate Hospital, Richmond Health Services, St. Paul's Hospital, UBC Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital
Sarah Neil-Sztramko, Graduate Student
Purpose of Study 

This project will assess the feasibility of a 12-week physical activity program developed specifically for females exposed to a known occupational carcinogen - shiftwork. Physical activity has been shown to decrease cancer risk, but the investigators research has found that female shift workers face unique barriers to participating in physical activity. This project will use a combination of telephone-based behavioural counseling sessions with a physical activity coach, and innovative web-based physical activity tracking software using a Fitbit and website or smartphone app to address commonly reported barriers to physical activity in female shift workers.



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