Bonita Sawatzky

Associate Professor, UBC
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Email Address 
(604) 675-8806
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818 West 10th Ave, Vancouver BC V5Z 1M9


Academic Appointment 
Associate Professor
Body Locations and Systems 
Bones, Joints and Muscles
Other Areas of Research 
Human locomotion

Bonita Sawatzky is an associate professor in Orthopaedics at the University of British Columbia, in the Spine Division. She focuses her research on the physiological and biomechanical effects of wheelchair propulsion in both adults and children in hopes of improving function and decreasing long-term overuse injuries as a result of wheelchair propulsion. She is one of the primary investigators of the spinal cord research centre, ICORD, located at the Vancouver Hospital Site. She teaches in the medical school program leading a new program called the Health Mentors Program where students across health disciplines learn together with a health mentor, someone with a disability or chronic illness. SHe has also served on the Clinical Research Ethics Board for UBC since 2005.

Current Projects 

1. Effects of aging on wheelchair propulsion. 2. Wheelchair biomechanics in children and adults with spinal cord injury 3. Neuro-response to static and dynamic standing (segway) in people with SCI who have spasticity 4. Aging and mobility in those with SCI 5. Wheelchair skills testing in power wheelchair users 6. Family Impact with Assistive Technology in children.