Jayne Garland

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604 827 5372
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T115 - 2211 Wesbrook Mall Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 2B5


Academic Appointment 
Adjunct Professor
Body Locations and Systems 
Diagnosis and Therapy 
Rehabilitation Intervention
Stroke Rehabilitation

Dr. Garland is a PhD-trained physiotherapist and is Professor and Director of the Lab.  Her research interests have two main foci: 1) neural control of force production and movement, particularly under conditions of muscle fatigue, in which she employs sophisticated single motor unit analysis to investigate fundamental motor control principles; and 2) recovery of motor control following stroke, with emphasis on postural control, in which she utilizes clinical and physiological measures to investigate balance and mobility. Dr. Garland recently became Dean of Health Sciences at the University of Western Ontario but she retained an affiliated research position and her close ties with UBC.