Immunity and Infection Research Centre

The Immunity and Infection Research Centre works to understand how the body’s immune system fights infectious diseases and causes immune disorders.

From auto-immune disorders that lead to diabetes to preventing rejection in organ transplantation, the Immunity and Infection Research Centre studies the basic mechanisms of human immune responses involved in transplantation and infectious diseases in order to improve public health outcomes and health services.

Investigators are internationally recognized for their work in infectious disease. The expertise spans genomics, molecular microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases, transplantation immunology, medical genetics, epidemiology, health care delivery, and policy development.


Dr. Neil Reiner, Director of the Centre


  • Located at Vancouver General Hospital
  • The Centre has 25 principle and affiliated investigators and approximately 60 trainees
  • Key collaborators in identifying inhaled nitrous oxide as a new, effective, and inexpensive anti-microbial treatment for tuberculosis
  • Key discoveries include uncovering why the body can’t defend against mycobacterium tuberculosis, opening new avenues for treatment of mTB
  • As partners in the PRoteomics for Emerging PAthogen Response (PREPARE) research program, the group identifies targets using new bioinformatics and computational strategies to develop new drugs and vaccines against infectious diseases


Immunity & Infection Research Centre
Room 258C – 2660 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3Z6
Phone: 604.875.4111 x 68576